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"Procrastinator No More!"

I have tried many pre­mi­um pro­duc­tiv­i­ty apps over the years. From habit track­ers, to to-do lists. This is the first app I have ever come across that gets me do­ing EVERY­THING I have set out to do! I com­plete every task or habit I have de­cid­ed to start. Since it has a timer, It makes me do them with­out even think­ing - there­fore I end up just get­ting things done with­out hav­ing to talk my­self out of get­ting start­ed.

"Shelby Schouweiler"

For years I've been seeing productivity experts claim that plans/routines are the answer, not motivation or determination. This app does all the work for you to create and maintain productive routines. Your brain no longer has to do the work of going down a checklist, which is especially helpful during foggy-brained mornings. For the first time ever, I consistently accomplish waking up on time, taking meds, meditating, creating art, and reviewing my daily work schedule, all before 8am.

"Elizabeth Jones"

Amazing!!!! As a super ADHD person and being so easily distracted, this helps my brain move through the necessary routines if the day efficiently. (without getting too severely distracted) it also reminds you when you're taking too long - or allows you to easily add more time or pause if you need to. This is changing my life :) it's so nice not to have to fight with myself every morning to get things done consistently.

"Especially to people with ADHD"

I'd go as far as saying that this app has been a life changing experience. As someone who's always struggled with time keeping from a young age this app is fantastic. I couldn't recommend it more, especially to people with ADHD, like myself, it helps me focus on the task at hand and keep me on track with each thing I need to do throughout the day. Usually I will easily get distracted when doing even the smallest task and forget what I was doing and this app allows me to keep focused, thank you!

“A life-changing morning routine doesn't just happen.”